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Provence, the Alps, the Côte d'Azur... a dazzling tour starting from that fragile paradise the Camargue, an entrancing area that has kept its native flora and fauna. Between the Rhone and the Durance, the Pont du Gard is the most famous Gallo-Roman monument in France.

Bullfights, mysterious old residences and the Alpilles mountain range are the principal attractions of the region and of towns like Nîmes, Arles and Avignon. In the Ardèche you will be able to sample the sweet taste of the South of France with Montélimar nougat, while the more courageous among you will be able to expend your energy on the amazing Trois Becs hills. Nature lovers will remember the Bastion de Vercors, open country cut through by rivers and decorated with cliffs and flowers such as Lady’s Slipper, the largest flower in France.

What makes the South special is its location. Situated between the sea and the mountains, the first ski resorts are less than an hour’s drive away. Closer to the coast, you can enjoy the scents of lavender, olive trees and lemon groves that permeate many towns, such as Grasse. On the Côte d'Azur itself you have dazzling sun, sea stretching to the horizon, palaces and casinos… Nice, Monaco and Monte Carlo are the obvious examples. This exceptionally beautiful landscape is matched by that of the old medieval towns and the Gallo-Roman churches. Artistic cross-fertilization is of particular importance in this land of painters that was once home to Renoir, Matisse and Cocteau.

Key figures

4 % of tourist expenditure based on heritage
60'000 jobs connected to the culture sector
2'184 protected sites and monuments
6 towns of art and history
8 protected nature parks, including 3 national parks
More than 500 lecturers and researchers
Internationally-renowned cultural events :
383 music festivals, 30 cinema festivals
15 training programmes at various levels, covers subjects relevant to local commerce.

Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

Ranks as the 3rd region of France by population and wealth; boasting 4.7 million residents, it ranks 3rd among the regions of France by wealth - 19th among the regions of Europe. It is home to the ITER thermonuclear project at the Cadarache site. The Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region possesses an exceptional environment, making it sufficiently attractive that it is one of the world’s leading tourist destinations (it caters for 34 million tourists every year).
This attractiveness, which also forms the basis for one of the greatest concentrations of intellectual and technological resources in Europe, makes it a powerful region in terms of economic activity, in sectors as varied as telecommunications, microelectronics, life sciences, aerospace, marine technologies and multimedia activities, as well as food processing, chemicals and logistics. Note the various business parks such as Aix Les Milles, Cle Sud in Miramas, Sophia Antipolis in Nice.
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