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What is a property finder?

The property finder, a new concept in France, has existed for many years in other countries. Their mission is to find a property according to criteria laid down by the customer and to support the customer in their quest right through until their plans come to fruition.

The cost of this service?

Our objective is to ensure that you save money!!

However, for further details please see our fees page.

How does a property finder differ from an estate agent?

Three key points allow us to tell these two professions apart :

A property finder has no contractual relationship or connection with the vendor, and so remains objective about the property presented to their customer and can therefore offer them the best possible advice to suit their interests.

A property finder has no pre-existing property portfolio. In fact, only the searches that we carry out according to your specific criteria, be that with individuals or professionals (agencies, notaries, property agents etc.), allow us to make initial selections. You then give your opinion on these before committing to any visits. This allows you to save a lot of time, but ensures that you haven’t missed out on anything!!!

A property finder offers you a tailor-made service. We make an initial assessment of the property market in the area you require (by carrying out a market research survey), we visit properties that meet your criteria, we present you with the properties that we have selected, we negotiate with the vendors so as to obtain the best possible terms of sale and finally we support you throughout your search until it is concluded.

Notre meilleur publicité, la satisfaction du client

C'est avec grand plaisir que nous avons travaillé avec Laetitia. A l'écoute, très sympathique; très professionnelle, des dossiers de recherche très détaillés et agréable à lire. Très au courant du marché, elle a su nous faire comprendre que ce que nous cherchions, était utopique et nous a trouvé une maison super sympa dans notre budget, et malgré que ce n'était pas tout à fait notre projet, nous avons eu un coup de coeur avec mon mari et nous ne regrettons rien car nous avons trouvé notre coin de paradis dans le Vaucluse, comme quoi, ne vous refusez jamais d'aller voir un bien qui ne correspond pas forcément à vos envies, vous pouvez vous surprendre à rêver.... Merci encore à Laetitia de Altergohome pour cet investissement pour notre recherche, vous pouvez lui faire totalement confiance, ca marche ! :-) Mme CADIOU
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